The Talk

Whether you are moving up through your work, moving on to a new role, going faster or further, or wanting to find, rediscover or nurture your love of work, this informative and entertaining talk immerses the audience in the LoveWork approach:

  • Discover your lovework proposition
  • Develop your lovework plan
  • Deliver your lovework promise

You will learn the 7 steps to thrive at work and accelerate your commitment to making it happen

The Program

A dynamic learning experience to develop the right mindset, behaviours and enablers to be engaged and thrive at work.

The LoveWork programme will help you to:

  • Find your Fuel
  • Open your Mind
  • Unlock your Code
  • Activate Momentum
  • Give & Get
  • Accelerate Evolution
  • Make it Matter


The coaching relationship is a strategic partnership that enable you to focus on what’s most important and sustain high performance.

LoveWork coaching has a bespoke design based on agreed success measures sponsored by key stakeholders.

Signature LoveWork coaching programmes with Ben and Sophie will improve professional effectiveness to accelerate career growth and help you to:

  • Discover your LoveWork Proposition
  • Develop your LoveWork Plan
  • Deliver your LoveWork Promise
  • Your personalized LoveWork coaching experience

Talk to us about speaking and programmes

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