“LoveWork offers a step-by-step framework for doing the work you love and loving the work you do. It is filled with illustrative scenario-based examples to nurture the free expression of ideas and help you thrive.”

“Follow the LoveWork code to unlock your potential and exceed expectations at work.”

“Don’t chase a title, or the money. Chase the work you love and let LoveWork show you how.”

“Loving your work provides fulfillment and meaning. Taking the steps in LoveWork will drive you in the right direction.”

“If you dread Mondays, if work is a chore, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK. It doesn’t have to be like that. Indeed, it shouldn’t. The case studies alone are incredibly helpful…so many stories of people who have turned it around – and you can too. And if you’re a business leader, use LoveWork to create an organisation where people are happy and fulfilled.”

“I am a great believer in the part that serendipity plays to shape our futures. Read LoveWork to accelerate your evolution.”

“Work provides an important opportunity to leave things in a better place and ready for the next generation. LoveWork will inspire you to do this and more.”  

“Focus on creating a great place to work where everyone can be their true selves and reach their potential. This is at the heart of LoveWork.”

“LoveWork resonates with the essence of who we are at The Standard in offering experiences to our guests that enrich their lives while simultaneously offering experiences to our teams that open up worlds of possibilities for them. The two go hand in hand. Like LoveWork can and should.” 

“People don’t leave companies they leave managers. Let LoveWork inspire you to be the type of person who gets the best out of others and helps them love their work.” 

“It is essential to be happy in order to excel, do your best work and be the best you can be. LoveWork puts you on the right track.”

“As a father I have noticed that the next generation are determined to live different lives and make different trade-offs. Young people want to work hard, whilst prioritizing work that they enjoy. They will not tolerate what the previous generation did. Work should be fulfilling and LoveWork helps you make changes for a better future.”

“Let your dream, vision and deep sense of purpose be your guide to life and work. LoveWork will show you how to recognize and articulate your vision!”

Written by best selling authors

Ben Renshaw

Ben is one of today’s foremost leadership thinkers. Speaker, coach, and author of ten books, Ben’s innovative work with leading organisations, senior executives and entrepreneurs has brought him international acclaim.

Sophie Devonshire

Sophie is the CEO of The Marketing Society, a global network of marketing leaders, and the author of Superfast: Lead at Speed which was shortlisted for Business Book Awards and the #1 bestseller in Change Management on Amazon.

The Talk

Learn the 7 steps to thrive at work and accelerate your commitment to making it happen

Whether you are moving up through your work, moving on to a new role, going faster or further, or wanting to find, rediscover or nurture your love of work, this informative and entertaining talk immerses the audience in the LoveWork approach:

  • Discover your lovework proposition
  • Develop your lovework plan
  • Deliver your lovework promise

The Programme

Leadership Development – leaders who can create environments where everyone can thrive

A dynamic learning experience which is designed on a bespoke basis subject to organisational, leadership, or team requirements and brings to life the LoveWork 3D Model:

Stage 1 DISCOVER Analysis and insight
Find your fuel
Open your mind
Unlock your code

Stage 2 DEVELOP Test and learn
Activate momentum
Give and get
Accelerate evolution

Stage 3 DELIVER Apply and iterate
Make it matter


Improve professional effectiveness to accelerate career growth

The coaching relationship is a strategic partnership that enable you to focus on what’s most important and sustain high performance.

LoveWork coaching has a bespoke design based on agreed success measures sponsored by key stakeholders.

Signature LoveWork coaching programmes with Ben and Sophie will help you to:

  • Discover your LoveWork Proposition
  • Develop your LoveWork Plan
  • Deliver your LoveWork Promise
  • Your personalized LoveWork coaching experience

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Join the movement for better work & better lives

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