The Programme

Leadership Development – leaders who can create environments where everyone can thrive

Probably the most important quality to demonstrate in leadership today is intense curiosity. Being curious means that, whatever happens, you will be in the best possible place to respond. If there is a crisis, you will go into problem-solving mode to find a way through. If there is an opportunity, you will learn to exploit it. If you are stuck, you will see it as a chance to accelerate your learning. If you are thriving, you will share your learning with others. LoveWork is a capability to develop based on 3 key elements: Mindset; Skillset; Toolkit. The Programme is a dynamic learning experience which is designed on a bespoke basis subject to organisational, leadership, or team requirements and brings to life the LoveWork 3D Model:

Stage 1 DISCOVER Analysis and insight
Find your fuel
Open your mind
Unlock your code

Stage 2 DEVELOP Test and learn
Activate momentum
Give and get
Accelerate evolution

Stage 3 DELIVER Apply and iterate
Make it matter

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